Monday, May 16, 2016

Fixing РКСБ-104 - Voltcraft HS-036 Geiger counter (replacement for ИЖЦ-3 LCD display)

Geiger counter RKSB-104 was produced in Belarus and exported under Voltcraft HS-036 brand to Germany. I bought one damaged counter on ebay. The defect is typical for this model: LCD display showing a huge black stain, everything else worked fine but the previous owner has removed the display.
I tried to purchase a new ИЖЦ-3 display but I failed to find a supplier, I decided then to reverse engineer the PCB and figure out if any modern LCD can be fitted into this device. I used this circuit diagram:

Original RKSB-104 display pinout

RKSB-104 LCD pinout, BP is a backplane, R1, R2 and R3 are some symbols which I couldn't identify based on a circuit diagram.

I suppose that DE119 LCD can be used to fix other similar devices for example for example РКС-107 or Bella (DBG-01N)

I prepared a small PCB which is an adapter between a original PCB and a new display

Adapter PCB circuit diagram

Adapter PCB layout
New LCD mounted on the adapter PCB

Display before fixing

The new display and adapter mounted on the counter PCB

The counter with a new display


  1. Many thanks! I have the same problem with my voltcraft hs 036 and I will try to fix it.

  2. Hi Arek, I have PKCB-104 and I hear that it counts (bips) but display shows 0000. Looks like display is not working. Do you have any suggestions how to fix it?